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National Tree Day at IMA

September 21, 2011 was National Tree Day and to celebrate I visited with my friends atto teach them a bit about our friends, trees! One of the first things we talked about was what trees do for us. Now for … Continue reading

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What’s in my garden – Fatal Attraction Coneflower

I thought I would introduce you to some of the more interesting plants in my garden. Now while I love many of the tried-and-true plants, I love to pick up some more unique varieties every now and then. One plant … Continue reading

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A Quick Transformation

One question I am often asked when I visit a new client is “How long will it take to transform my yard?”. The answer really depends on the size of the project but I think people are often surprised when … Continue reading

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Planting my Planters

Anyone who knows me knows I start itching to get my planters started before the snow even starts to melt…I start stalking garden centers the minute annuals begin to arrive checking out whats new and watching just how all these … Continue reading

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Whats Blooming Right Now…Hydrangeas!

Walking out my front door right now I am greeted with a wonderful color display in the most vibrant pink EVER! Now you may be thinking I overdid it with the Impatiens or perhaps I have a few too many … Continue reading

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Have you been out to your garden yet?

After sitting inside for months looking outside at the garden, I was happy to finally get outside and have a walk around the garden. Now, the first thing I had to check was the state of the plants I knew … Continue reading

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Gardening…for the birds

Now that spring is here I am noticing all our feathered friends are back. The Blue Jays are out flying in the trees (and playing a mean game of baseball!). The Chickadees love sitting in the Beech tree we planted … Continue reading

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To plan or not to plan…

I am asked time and time again what is the benefit of doing a landscape plan. As a landscape designer, to me, the answer is obvious – you wouldn’t build a house without a plan so why would you build … Continue reading

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Excited about an annual?

Okay, I admit it…I get excited about plants. Last year it was the Cappuccino Petunia that had me running from garden center to garden center searching out enough to do my friends planters and hanging baskets. Not an easy find, … Continue reading

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2011 – Year of Forests

Did you know that the United Nations has declared 2011 the “International Year of Forests”? To be honest, I didn’t. Shame on me! However, now I am aware and I am going to make it a mission to share this … Continue reading

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