The Design Process

As a Certified Landscape Designer I take pride in getting to know my client. Our meetings always take place at your home, after all your landscape is an extension of your home! I’m always available to answer your questions about the design process and about your project.

I’d like you to understand my Design Process. While every project is different and presents it’s own unique challenges, the process is generally the same. If you have any questions about the design process please feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer them!

Site Meeting – The design process begins with a meeting at your site to discuss your needs and wants, along with your budget for your project. It is important for all parties to be in attendance at this initial meeting, your landscape is a big investment and having everyone available to voice there opinions and concerns is critical. Together we will walk your site and look at areas of concern as well as features you enjoy. We will develop a “plan of action” that will become the basis for your Landscape Master Plan.

Site Analysis – Once we have had a chance to review your property together, I will perform a site analysis. This will involve taking measurement, elevation shot and photographs as well as notes that will be critical in developing your plans.

Design Development – During the next 7-10 business days I will work on developing your personalized Landscape Master Plan. During this time you will receive an initial concept electronically for review. Information collected during the Site Meeting and Analysis will be used during this phase to create a plan that works both for you and your site.

Master Plan – We will meet again at your home to review your Landscape Master Plan. These detailed drawings will be presented in vivid colour and will include:

  • softscaping plan with all plant selections named including quantity
  • hardscaping plan with recommended materials and colour selection
  • dimensioned plans
  • photo collage of key design elements

In addition you can opt* to include a 3D Rendering which will help you to see your new landscape in a short video clip as well as a series of still images. This can help to bring your project to life before a shovel ever hits the ground!

Final Steps – Once your design is complete, we are still here to help. Whether it is sourcing a contractor to implement the project, sourcing materials, assisting you at the garden center selecting plant materials or any other area of the process you may need help with we are happy to help you make your outdoor dreams a reality (additional charges may apply).