Excited about an annual?

Okay, I admit it…I get excited about plants.

Last year it was the Cappuccino Petunia that had me running from garden center to garden center searching out enough to do my friends planters and hanging

baskets. Not an easy find, but I was thrilled with the results!

This year though…I am giddy about another Petunia. Now, those who know me know I HATE Petunias. The mere image of those white and purple striped tubular, sticky annuals my grandmother had used to make my skin crawl, but now, well I am a changed woman! This years latest Petunia – BLACK! The only real BLACK out there! Oh, I am already making my list of places to drive to the minute the weather is warm enough to start planting…the combinations are coming to mind!

We often think of our annual displays of being shades of reds, pinks and yellows but why not a nice display in black and white? Wouldn’t that be a show stopper on your patio table in a nice lime green containerĀ or in a planter at the front door? Layered with the right ornamental grass this could be a striking combination! Using this type of combination is an easy way to bring your indoor decorating style outdoors!

So yes, while there is still snow on the ground, my mind is definitely thinking about spring!

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