Project Management, Materials and Furnishings

Once you have completed a consultation or have a design in hand and are ready to go to the next step, I would be happy to work with you in locating a contractor to do your work and work alongside that contractor* to overseeing your project ensure that we achieve the goals we set out t the start of the design process.

Or perhaps you are completing your project yourself and you simply want the best plant materials to be picked out for you and to arrive at your home on a certain day* – I can make that happen. Whatever your needs are, I am happy to work with you.

Lastly, the final step to any landscape is the furnishings, the outdoors of your home is no different than inside, the furniture you put in the space will give the space function and entertainment value – from outdoor kitchens to furniture and cushions to statues, pots, fountains and any other outdoor décor I can help you to decorate the newest room of your house!*

These services are available on an hourly basis.

Contact me to discuss your landscape project.