Benefits of a Landscape plan

You would never start a renovation inside your home without a plan, so why start a renovation outside your home without one.  A landscape design can help prevent costly mistakes as well as help you plan and budget to implement your project in stages. A professional landscape designer is trained in all aspects of design as well as plant material selection . 

4) Landscaping is a major renovation – a scaled landscape design will allow you to get quotes from contractors ensuring that all quotes you receive are quoting the job with the same materials and specifications and at the same time give you a plan that your contractor (or yourself) can actually work from.

3) A landscape design can be helpful if you require permits – many municipalities require permits for various types of work such as decks, patios, etc. A landscape design, complete with construction drawings can be beneficial in obtaining these permits.

2) Helps prevent buying the wrong plant for the wrong place – a landscape designer is trained in all aspects of landscaping and will make skilled choices in selecting the right plant materials for your yard based on the light conditions, soil, etc.

1) You’ll see the big picture before you even start – a design lets you see your vision before you begin work, knowing where the various components of your new landscape will be and how large, or small, each piece will be. From the patio to the trees, it’s nice to know where things will be when your project is all done!